Involves creating an enabling environment for young entrepreneurs and innovators to connect with local markets. The focus is on providing the necessary support, resources, and strategies to help youth-led initiatives successfully navigate the complexities of the market, thereby contributing to the overall growth and sustainability of their ventures.

Scenario Setting: "Youth-Led Sugar Brand Penetrates the Market"


- A group of young entrepreneurs establishes a sugar brand that prioritizes sustainability, quality, and innovation.

- The brand aims to penetrate both local and global markets, offering unique products derived from sugarcane.

Implementation Steps:

1. Market Research and Branding:

   - The youth-led team conducts in-depth market research to understand consumer preferences and market gaps.

   - They develop a brand strategy that emphasizes sustainability, eco-friendly packaging, and a commitment to social responsibility.

2. Networking and Partnerships:

   - The team actively participates in industry events, forming partnerships with local retailers, restaurants, and health-conscious communities.

   - They collaborate with environmental organizations to enhance the sustainability profile of their products.

3. Access to Finance:

   - Seeking financial support, the team engages with investors, government programs, and impact investment funds that align with their mission.

   - They present a compelling business plan showcasing the potential for market success and positive environmental impact.


4. E-commerce and Digital Marketing:

   - Leveraging digital platforms, the brand establishes an online presence, creating a user-friendly website and engaging in social media marketing.

   - They implement e-commerce strategies to sell directly to consumers, ensuring a seamless and sustainable supply chain.

Question for Innovation: In the context of trade, what innovative strategies can young entrepreneurs employ to access markets, thus expanding their role and impact in the broader sugar value chain?