WHEN December 3rd - 5th,
WHERE The Grand Royal Swiss Hotel, Kisumu


Save the date, join us as we chart groundbreaking paths to grow our industry. Top innovators get to take home plum prizes.

Empowering the Next Generation of Sugar Industry Leaders

We are thrilled to welcome you to the Sugar Industry Innovation Symposium & Expo 2024 - Youth Edition, where we bring together the brightest minds and aspiring leaders to explore the theme "Youth Opportunities in the Sugar Value Chain." This symposium is a platform dedicated to empowering youth to drive innovation, sustainability, and growth within the Kenyan sugar industry.

Our goal is to empower the industry with knowledge and collaboration for sustainable practices in production, resource management, and supply chains. Together, we can impact the industry's ecological footprint and meet the world's sweetener needs more efficiently. This journey demands bold innovation, and we call upon industry leaders, researchers, and forward-thinkers to unite in this noble endeavor.

The symposium is free to attend and open to young professionals, students, entrepreneurs, researchers, policymakers, and anyone passionate about making a difference in the sugar industry. Whether you're a seasoned industry insider or just starting your journey, there's something for everyone at the Sugar Industry Innovation Symposium 2024 - Youth Edition.

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The Winner gets Kes. 350,000 on the day!
The First Runner Up gets Kes. 200,000
The Second Runner Up gets Kes. 100,000

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These are our key thematic areas

Empowering Youth in Revolutionizing Sugarcane Production

Facilitating Market Access for Youth-Led Initiatives

Empowering Youth Advocacy for Policy Reforms in the Sugar Industry

Harnessing Digital Solutions for Youth-Led Advancements

Nurturing Financial Opportunities for Youth in Sugar Enterprises

Driving Climate Smart and Environmentally Sustainable Practices Through Youth-Led Initiatives

The Sugar Industry Innovation Symposium 2023

We're thrilled to announce the release of the Symposium 2023 Report, a testament to the event's overwhelming success, attracting over 2,800 participants over three days from across the sugar industry.




International Participants

This document offers detailed insights into the groundbreaking ideas and collaborations that are steering the sector towards a bright future. For an in-depth exploration of the key discussions and outcomes that marked this year's Symposium, click the download button now.

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Local (Kenyan) Exhibitor Registration costs Kes. 14,999
Regional, Eastern Africa Exhibitor Registration costs USD 200
International (All Other Regions) Registration Costs USD 500
Payments can be made via cheque, bank transfer to the National Bank of Kenya, Hill Branch, Account Name, AFA-Sugar Directorate, Account Number 01001031599900, or using MPesa Paybill 625625 to account 01001031599900

Event Overview

The Sugar Industry Innovation Symposium & Expo by AFA — Sugar Directorate is a premier gathering that brings together young leaders, industry experts, policymakers, and stakeholders to explore opportunities and challenges within the sugar value chain. Scheduled to be held from December 03 — 05, 2024, at The Grand Royal Swiss Hotel in Kisumu, Kenya, the symposium & expo will focus on empowering the next generation of sugar industry innovators, this symposium serves as a platform for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and action.

Through engaging sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities, participants will delve into key thematic areas and explore ways to harness their potential for positive impact.

The Sugar Industry Innovation Symposium 2024 - Youth Edition welcomes young professionals, students, entrepreneurs, researchers, policymakers, and stakeholders with a passion for driving positive change in the sugar industry. Whether you're interested in agriculture, technology, policy, finance, or sustainability, this event offers valuable insights, opportunities, and connections for all participants.

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