The Sugar Industry Innovation Symposium and Expo 2024 is committed to advancing the sugar industry through innovative processing techniques. Our sixth thematic area, "Empowering Youth in Innovative Sugar Processing", involves interventions which aim to reduce inefficiencies in the processing value chain to reduce wastage. Advanced extraction techniques, energy-efficient processing methods, and innovative approaches to by-product utilization represent avenues through which the sugar industry can not only enhance its efficiency and sustainability but also contribute to healthier product offerings.

Problem Statement for Innovators

The Kenyan sugar industry faces challenges in processing efficiency, product quality, and sustainability. Outdated processing methods, lack of diversification, and insufficient training are significant barriers to growth and competitiveness.

Problem Statement: "How can innovative processing techniques and practices be adopted to enhance efficiency, product quality, and sustainability in the Kenyan sugar industry, particularly through the empowerment of youth?"

Innovators are invited to propose solutions that:

  • Develop and implement advanced processing technologies that improve efficiency and product quality.
  • Promote sustainable processing practices that minimize environmental impact.
  • Encourage product diversification to create new and value-added sugar products.
  • Establish best practices for quality control and assurance in sugar processing.
  • Offer training and capacity-building programs to equip young professionals with skills in innovative sugar processing.
  • May apply to the sugar industry beyond the proposed solutions outlined above.

#TupataneSIIS2024 and Happy Innovating!